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 Todd Kachinski Kottmeier (founder), along with Emery and Robyn Walters.

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Best Said Dead, Steve Hammond, Todd Kachinski Kottmeier
Walters, Emery C.

"Out Is In"

                 "As I Am"
"Boots, Dogs, and the Sea"

"A Gay Old
                    Pirate's Tale"

        Emery C. Walters continuous flow of exciting books expands the talented writer's portfolio of novels, prose, and short stories. Emery brings writes clever banter from his beautiful home in Hawaii. Mr. Walters is a fully transitioned transman with a successful gay son, living the good life with his transitioned wife sharing his stories with you.  The writer's profits for the book "Out Is In" benefit The Maui AIDS Foundation without conditions or reservations. while "As I Am" maintains the link to food pantries across the country.

    Emery C.Walters pages are down all day today to update to include a free novel, with no additional shipping or handling charges. Please check out our other authors. Mr. Walters' books will return tomorrow morning.

Out is In, emery c walters, emery walters, bechavn, robyn walters, steve hammond
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         There are as many stories of ‘coming out’ as there are out and proud gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. And there are coming out stories yet to be told by those still locked in the closet or the lingerie drawer. Out Is In is a collection of stories about young men, still kids mostly, facing the hard choice between conforming and becoming their true selves. Coming out can be hard, but staying hidden, keeping raw, strong emotions bottled up, is even harder and more harmful. These stories can be described as delightful. Not only do they portray youthful fear, sorrow and uncertainty but also joy, love and healing. Better yet, they are told with the author’s irrepressible humor.
Out is In, emery c walters, emery walters, bechavn, robyn walters, steve hammond
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    In the recent past, “It gets better” has, hopefully, had a helping, healing effect on the world’s LGBT youth. No one chooses to be gay or transgendered, yet some church leaders, politicians, and ordinary people have been taught to hate, to bully, and to deny equality or even the humanity of our precious brothers, sisters, and children.  The road from realization that one is gay to the decision or the accident leading to coming out of the closet can be short or long, smooth or bumpy, but each journey is a story worth telling. Boots, Dogs, and the Sea is filled with gentle, humorous, poignant stories of those young people for whom it did get better, along with a few stories or accounts of those who didn’t make it.
Out is In, emery c walters, emery walters, bechavn, robyn walters, steve hammond
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When does a boy become a man? For fourteen-year-old Bryn, it begins when as his family suddenly falls apart. When his loser parents break down and disappear, Bryn feels responsible for his younger brother – a budding female impersonator who loves to sing – and his older lesbian sister. Bryn is relieved when their drag queen uncle and his transsexual partner arrive to pull the kids together and take them on the ride of their lives. Stuck between childhood and manhood, Bryn learns a lot about life. What better time to discover that he is gay. Mix this all up with the return of a piratical grandfather, and As I Am is nonstop fun.

Bryant, David

Three Novel series


       When a corrupt church rises to international dominance, a fortune teller predicts a teenage musician will bring about its demise.  Reality and the supernatural collide in this transgressive urban fantasy, in which an unusual protest band starts a movement to save the world. One member can see dead people, one has prophetic dreams, and one may be the second coming of Christ.  This book is the first in bi-monthly trilogy of books that explores celebrity worship, religious worship, and mass media martyrs throughout history. 

Coming Soon
"Things I Should Not Say In Public"

Bryan, Jed A.
jed bryan, jed a bryan, companions, gay mormon
"Companions Nich’ooni"


          With a B.A. in English and History, a M.A. in English and creative writing (poetry-- creative thesis), both from Brigham Young University, as well as what he refers to as the questionably honorific” A.B.D. (all but dissertation) for a doctorate in contemporary fiction from the University of Utah. Jed has spent years teaching English and creative writing and over a decade writing, editing, and developing educational testing materials and computer programs. This is Jed’s third published novel. “Companions Nich’ooni” recently came to the attention of some good movie production people, and Jed is hoping to see this work make it to the big screen. (Third time could be a winner.) Jed refers to himself as a jack of all arts, as there are few he has not tried. From boy soprano performing church and party solos at three and tap dancing at five to composing a full-length Broadway style gay musical revue and a few hundred songs as well as poetry, painting, sculpture, and, of course, writing novels. He has lived art. He is presently immersed in hand-painted photomontage art. Jed’s One Pure Truth: “Give your all. If you succeed, it’s just an additional wrinkle.” Jed lives in Nevada, where he continues to explore the possibilities.

Kachinski-Kottmeier, Todd
infamous todd, todd kachinski kottmeier, tony ashton kentucky, turn around bright eyes, two days past dead, gay writer, gay play, gay comedy, bechavn

Novels: "Two Days Past Dead," "Add to Queue," "Opie and the Story of Forest Heights," "Joey Brooks' The Show Must Go On,"  "Turn Around Bright Eyes," and the upcoming "Alone In A Crowded Room."

Reference Books: "Why Me, Harvey Milk" and "Gypsy Moon"

Plays:" Best Said Dead," "Following Wynter," and the upcoming "Waiting on God."

Compilation Charity Reference Books to benefit Joshua Tree Feeding Program under the banner: Million Hugs, The Official Drag Handbook 2011, DRAG Stories, Crown Me!, Drag World: Spring, Drag World: Summer, DRAG Parents, The Official Drag Handbook Revised 2012, and the  January-July 2014 DRAG411 International. Joshua Tree assists HIV/AIDS families with groceries each week for the past 25 years. All these books completed by Todd Kachinski Kottmeier, along with the rest of the DRAG411 International projects were gifted in full, without condition to Joshua Tree.

Hammond, Steve (Co-writer and muse)
Novels: "Turn Around Bright Eyes" and the upcoming "Alone In A Crowded Room." 
Reference Books: "Why Me, Harvey Milk" and "Gypsy Moon"
Plays:" Best Said Dead," "Following Wynter," and the upcoming "Waiting on God."

McDonald, Jeremy E.

jeremy mcdonald, peace be still, bechavn

Peace Be Still
          Accomplished spiritual healer and teacher Jeremy McDonald has been a public speaker for over fourteen years. He has designed and delivered many workshops to assist individuals to find peace and joy in their lives. Looking from an inside soul perspective, they overcome fears, alchemizing them into love.

         His clients find balance, peace, joy and true sublime self-love . For accolades of the world, Jeremy is a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Theta healing practitioner and Life coach. He has served as a Key Note Speaker for Expos, Colleges, Professional Conferences and small living room workshops. Jeremy is the show host of the online radio show, Soul Talk, on, which discusses the transitory experience of knowing ones soul from an inner perspective.

         Guests range from Spiritual Practitioners, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Musicians and Artists having conversations of the Soul coming together to enjoy the rewards of a soul driven by spirit, and guided by awareness of the self.

Brooks, Joey

joey brooks, joey brooks tampa, tampa gay, drag queen, female impersonator, bechavn, drag411

Joey Brooks, The Show Must Go On


Female Impersonator, Show director, hostess, author…

            “Old school, new school, no school… who gives a shit?  I’m too old to go to school. I barely remember last week. When I get too old to remember what the fuck I did when I was young …ger, I’ll just open of these books and laugh my ass off. I wonder how many other queens had this much fun becoming one of the icons of their community. Too funny. I just called myself an icon. Hell, I must be a queen. Only a female impersonator could call themselves a diva, a queen, a star without people giggling behind her back. Giggling is good. A twenty-dollar bill is better. <You can order my damn book from thousands of retailers to directly from>

Golden, Gilda

gilda golden, life outside the line, transgender, drag411, drag queen, female impersonator
"Life Outside The Line"


          Gilda never met a person who did not remember her forever. Something about her stuck in your mind. A true, gritty story follows the hardened path of her life. From Best Selling Transgender Writer Gilda Golden comes the riveting tale of a life created in front of the spotlight and behind the scenes.

UPDATE: "Life Outside The Line" won the 2013 Peer Awards as voted through the 6,000 male and female impersonators of DRAG411 International. It had the most votes for "Best Book of 2012-2013 by a Female Impersonator." Gilda's novel's award benefits TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA). 

Sands, Camille

Camiile sands, bechavn, cosmic queen, burt reynolds, miami vice, miami gay icon, florida gay icon

Cosmic Queen 



        Camille 2,000 was known as the Girl for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. She introduced as her self-choregrapher, Aggressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis de Sade. Many said is was performance art, but it was Burlesque. At the time, Burlesque was losing the audience to Live Nude Dance, & Lap Dance, so she was trying to keep the audience. In the beginning of her career, she did Fan dances and prop work choreographed by famous Burlesque Choreographer Paul Markoff. She wore tight fitting gowns while performing old style burlesque. Her original act involved a pair of stuff cockatoos, while travelling the world head lining shows. The last ten years of her career, she choreographed the “Black Widow,” a stunning act where she is a black widow spider dying at the conclusion; a very strong show. In the 1980′s Camille became a member of Screen’s Actor’s Guild getting a part playing opposite Iggy Pop, Playing a dominatrix name Velvet, and an actor performing alongside Burt Reynolds and appearances on Miami Vice.

Horning, Todd R.T.
todd horning, todd r.t. horning, aurora albritton, todd rt horning, call of the devil, bechavn
"Call of the Demon"


         Todd R.T. Horning was born in August 1989, a proud member of the snake family in the Chinese zodiac. As a child, he had problems with cerebral palsy but overcame the challenges to become a writer and illustrator including, “Call of the Demon.”  Horning currently holds degrees in animation and graphic design with a vast imagination, creating and developing characters across different mediums. Todd R.T. Horning will share your excitement, from the villain you despise, a tortured soul you sympathize, or rooting for the hero from one page to the next in his adventurous first novel

Edwards IV, David Septimus

Edwards IV David Septimus,Edwards IV, David Septimus Edwards IV, bechavn

Different Worlds



        As a kid growing up in a Lutheran Pentecostal church, David Edwards was taught to follow the teachings of the Bible. The church was a safe haven for him. Outside of church, people saw him as a weirdly different person with low social skills and several learning disabilities. In 10th grade he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Finally, questions were starting to be answered regarding his "different" personality. He could no longer deny he was also gay. Knowing his church was against homosexuality, he left in order to find his place in a world where being gay can be the social norm.

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